Our July Training in Nairobi

Dr. Jim Robey and Attentional Growth Inc have begun to train a new generation of Christian leaders in Africa using the Coaching4Clergy model. From its beginning, Coaching4Clergy has had at its core a global vision of Every Pastor, Ministry Staff and Church Leader a Coach. An invitation has come to bring the coaching model of equipping and empowering lay and clergy to the countries of Kenya, South Africa and Swaziland. Attentional Growth Inc, under the leadership of Jim Robey, is responding!

This is a quickly unfolding process, and in partnership with Petronilla Maina of Kingdom Lifestyle in Nairobi, we offered two different training events to equip clergy and lay leadership with coaching skills.

The One Day Training event was 3 July, and was an introduction to coaching and its use in the church as we are making disciples. Each person coached and was coached, and left the event with coaching tools they can use in life, work and the church. The Two DayTraining was 5-6 July, and included more skill training in coaching. Click on the names to see a brochures for each event . These were be held in Nairobi at the ACK Guest House.

These training events will be useful for both business and church leaders, so the impact of the training will be increased. It is our plan, with our partners, for local potential coaches to be identified and given additional training, both on the continent of Africa and in the US. It is our desire to be useful in growing the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday: Finding a brother from another mother

WEDNESDAY, JULY 4 was a day filled with meeting other like-minded persons who were interested in coaching. It began with Petronilla and me meeting Edward Ngaira, Kenya team leader of AFRICAN ENTERPRISE, whose mission is Transforming the cities of Africa through WORD and DEED.. The more Edward talked, the more connection I felt with his vision and ministry. I blurted out "you are my brother from another mother" to which he replied, pointing upward, "and we have the same Daddy!". Petro and I encouraged Edward to attend our training event on Thursday and bring his wife Purity. Wow. And before we left, Edward's dear friend and colleague John Kalenzi from Rwanda arrived. John and I had seen each other at a breakfast at the ACK Guest House where we both are staying. So we made plans to eat dinner together back at the Guest House. (We did, and explored bringing C4C's Coach Training to Rwanda and his Staff. Wow!). After lunch Petro and I attended a wonderful conference sponsored by a local congregation where I final got to meet Frida Owinga, who had attended a class led by Val in the US. Frida is who had told Petronilla about C4C. What a small world. I was privileged to meet many people, including Stella Munene, Petro's friend and a Life Coach & speaker. What a great connector and person who shares my passion for coaching. Going home to the Guest House I shared a ride with 3 wonderful folks from New Zealand. They were attending the Conference from their church. RobPurdue, who leads the Bright Hope World mission organization, spoke of how we might partner with them to bring Coach Training for their leaders. Wow. God is so very good, and I keep meeting fellow travelers who share similar visions of God's work in the world. Needless to say, after supper with John I went soundly to sleep, thanking my "daddy" for such a great day!

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